Thursday, May 15, 2008

yum yum

Jason's old friend and his wife are in town so we are going to go to Bombay for dinner tonight. We have not been there is so long, since way before they move across the street to their new location. I had selected Bombay for every celebration for a while and Jason was getting a little tired of it, so we stopped going there and I miss it. I am looking forward to a yummy dinner tonight.
Today at Porter's school was "Mom's Morning" ,so I stayed for the first hour and we made a frame, read a book, had a special snack and played for a while. It was fun to hang out with just Porter for a while. Jason stayed with Liesl and took her for a walk to Starbucks.
This afternoon I was trying to pick up the house and the kids were driving me crazy. I sent them outside and filled up some large tubs with water to play with. The filled them up with rocks and then Porter just wanted to dump the water out so I had to keep on going outside and did not get much done inside. The kids had fun, but they are being a little more needy and clingy than normal.

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  1. Its hard when you feel like your on constant 'mom duty' but you still have all the other stuff to do. Don't worry, they'll snap out of it!