Monday, March 07, 2005


Saturday we went to Porter's swim lesson. He loves swimming so much I wish we did it more than once a week. This summer we will be in my parent's pool a lot and I can't wait. We went to Beverages and More after swim lesson and then home. We went to my parent's house Saturday afternoon since we were not going to go on Sunday. It was fun to hang out with everyone on such a nice day. John made the most delicious margarita with blood orange juice. Sunday Jason had some friends over to play Axis and Allies. They came over at two and did not leave until nine. My friend Kelli and her daughter Olivet came over because her husband Cliff was playing the game. I made enchiladas, rice and beans for dinner so it was a fun night. Porter and Olivet were playing together well so it was really nice.
Today I went to story time in the library. Porter just wants to crawl around all over and he loves this huge stuffed cow. I spend most of the time trying to keep him from eating the disgustingly dirty tail. I am okay with him hugging and touching the body but I don't like it. A high school classmate was there with her daughter who is a few weeks younger than Porter. I invited her to our playgroup so I hope she comes.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

three cupcakes

Ever since I watched Victoria Gotti eat cupcakes on her show I have been craving them. I made some delicious coconut cupcakes a while back that filled my craving for a while. If they did not take so long to make I would make a batch every week. Last night I made some Betty Crocker silver white cake with coco butter frosting. I ate three if them last night and three today. I am kind of taking advantage of the fact that I am still brest feeding. I can still eat so much and not gain any weight but I know that will end soon. Porter is starting to eat more solid food so he should stop nursing as much.
I went to Walmart today with my sister. The last time I was there was when I bought my bike about two years ago. It was actually a nice Walmart because it was new and clean. I bought a pattern to make a skirt, a blue ball and an outfit for Porter. I wonder if it will be another two years before I go back. I will probably buy some of Porter's play clothes there since they are so cheap.
Tonight Jason and I are going to go out and I just can't wait.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Knitting circle

My neighbor and I started a knitting circle. We met last night for the first time at a coffee shop for a couple of hours. It was really nice and I ended my one month of not knitting by starting a washcloth. A washcloth is the most basic thing you could make and a project for a new knitter but I just had never made one before. I finished it tonight and it was a fun little thing to knit. My whole goal for February was to stop knitting or making anything so I could read more. The month started out with my trip to NY so I did not start reading anything for a while. Well I am always reading something but never finishing anything. Jason and I used to go to a coffee shop on the weekend and just sit and read for hours. Now that Porter is here we just can not do that anymore. I wonder how old he will be when we get to do that again? I hope that he will be a good kid and be able to entertain himself well. I am sure he will be since most likely he will be our only child. I am still not 100% sure but I know it will be better to only have one child. Anyway I read the da vinci code and I did not really like it that much but I could see it being a good movie. I still need to finish Our Babies, Ourselves but I read at night and there is so much info in that book I end up just going to sleep. I am really excited to be knitting again. It just feels so good to make things and hopefully I can start on my goal of making an article of clothing this year. I think I am going to make something for Porter. I really should make something for myself but it will be quicker to make something for Porter. I feel like making something for Porter is an easy way out. I set this goal for myself to make an article of clothing and I am kind of coping out by making it for Porter. It will be way smaller so it will not take as long that is why I want to do it. Oh well, maybe I will make him something and want to make myself something too. Today I went to the Science Center because it was free and they have this new exhibit called Kid City. Shauna, Amelia and Henry came to my house and she fed the kids so there was a huge mess afterwards. Henry pulled a bowl of apple sauce off the table and on to himself and Amelia was running around chasing Zoey the cat. Kid City was fun, but Porter wanted to play with the big kids so I had to keep on picking him up and bringing him back to the little kid area. I would not mind letting him play with the big kids but they try and talk to him like he understands. So I just move him because they are rough and he does not need to be playing with them yet. He can play with my niece and my friends older kids but not strangers just yet. I have no plans for tomorrow but I think that Shauna and I might go have a picnic with the kids.