Tuesday, February 15, 2005


The flight to to NYC went well. Porter was good and only cried once because I pinched his finger when I put the arm rest down. The seat next to me was empty so Porter got to move around a little bit. It was cold when we got there but the rest of the week it was nice in the 40's. There was so much packing to do and my sister has so much stuff. Growing up I was known as the messy one and Shauna was known as the clean one. I am a lot cleaner than I used to be and Shauna is still clean but she has so much stuff. We filled so many boxes and had to go back to the store twice for more. It was nice though to spend some time with them before they moved out here. We did go to the city one day to shop. They have this store called H & M that has the best baby clothes ever. I bought so much for Porter he is not going to need clothes for a long time. I bought him some Swedish slippers and some dishes from Fishes Eddy. We spent two days inside packing and Porter got sick with a cough and a runny nose. Porter also had eczema on his cheeks and Shauna said that it is from being inside in the heat. The eczema cleared up once we got back to San Diego but he still has a runny nose and a cough. The plane ride back was good and the flight was not full so we got a whole row of seats. It was nice because Amelia sat with me for a while and Shauna played with Porter while Henry was sleeping. I was so happy to be back in San Diego with Jason.