Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Borrego Springs

This morning after I took Porter to school I was up in the attic cutting fabric and talking to Jason. I was talking to him about what I should do today. I really needed to clean the house, but I wanted to work on my sewing project, then I got a text. My friend asked me if I wanted to hang out today and I looked out the window, saw the blue sky and wanted to drive East to take pictures. We started driving and I really didn't know where we were going to end up. We ended up going to Borrego and having a really fun time. It was windy and the kids didn't like it that much, but it was fun.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Switzer Canyon

Porter is on spring break, so after we took Liesl to school today, we went to Switzer Canyon. We hardly ever get the chance to hang out alone, so it was really nice one on one time. It had been a while since we went there and were surprised to find 4 swings.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Fairy and Gnome Gardens

I was inspired by this post on making a fairy garden and decided to make some with the kids. Before we got started we need some supplies so we headed over to City Farmers. We haven't been there in a while and it was nice to see all of the changes they have made.

Porter led us to the play area.

They dug through the compost looking for worms.

Lila was the only one willing to actually hold one.

Back at home they filled the pots with dirt, planted a succulent, marigold and some white clover seed in it and added a little moss and rock pathway.

Proud of her work

Porter made a gnome garden.

Looking for a fairy.