Tuesday, May 20, 2008


This evening I made a dress for my niece and some vegan cupcakes to take up to her birthday party in LA tomorrow. On the way up I am going to stop at Griffith Park to have lunch and let the kids ride the horses and train. I think I will look up some cool little vegan cafe to have lunch at, any suggestions?
I can't believe my niece is going to be 6 years old. I remember talking to my sister on the phone when she was in labor, seems like yesterday.

My garden is not doing very well and it is frustrating. The tomato plants have these little green worms that at making the holes in the leaves, Porter's winter mint plant is full of the green worms and aphids and the dirt in my planter box if full of these little tiny bugs. I spent some time today looking for and killing the worms and that is my favorite thing in the whole world to do.

I had better get to bed so I can get an early start!


  1. I have heard you can spray the plants with soapy dishwater and it will get rid of the worms and bugs. Do you remember me doing that? You could also try to get some lady bugs or chickens?? haha. Maybe a praying mantis? Good luck!

  2. adorable dress! man, I wish you were MY sister!

  3. I forgot to tell you how cute that dress is. Can you make it in pregnant lady big person size? Do you use patterns or just make that stuff up?

  4. I saw the dress on a celebrity baby and just made my version of it. I could probably make a top for you, but I don't know about a dress. My mind can not figure out how to use a pattern, I just try and figure it out on my own.
    Yes, I do remember the soapy water and will try it. I sprayed canola oil on my citrus trees at my old house and that worked, but that stuff is toxic and I don't want to but it. I wonder if olive oil would work, but do I want to waste my expensive organic oil on my plants?