Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Peter Pan

My mom, the kids and I went up to LA to see my niece Amelia perform in Peter Pan as Tinker Bell. It was a lot of fun and Porter loved it. Liesl on the other hand just wanted to nurse the whole time so I did to keep her quiet but it pissed me off. This nursing relationship is not going very well for me. I just got the new issue of Mothering and there was an article on nursing your toddler and it really came at the right time. I am committed to nursing her until she is two so I have 6 months left and I can do it.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Pink Elephant

I am siting here trying to write something and I can't remember what I did this past week.
Monday we went to Lorien's house for the coop pick up.

Tuesday we did something but I can't remember what. Oh I think we went down to Bonita to swim in my parent's pool.

Wednesday we went to Java Mama for story time and the kids went to Esther's house while I went to the dentist. The story time at Java Mama was fun but that place overall in my personal nightmare. The dentist was supper high tech compared to my old dentist and he was really nice. I have two cavities under old fillings that need to me replaced. They wanted to do them in two weeks but I made the appointment for after my birthday.

Thursday we went to a friends house to play and to circus class after. Circus class was fun but Porter does not do very well in classes. He was really shy at first and then started running around making faces and not paying attention to the teacher. I think it would be fun for him to take the class but I am not sure if he will.

Friday we went to playgroup and had the neighbors over for dinner. Playgroup was fun and both kids slept when we got home so that was nice. I was able to start cooking dinner without to much distraction. I made Indian food and these yummy lemon raspberry pudding cakes.

Jason went out Friday night with his friends so he did not wake up until late Saturday morning. I made some pancakes for Porter so he was happy about that. I told him the night before that if he went to bed right away that I would. Saturday afternoon we went to a birthday party for one of Porter's friend. It was a nice party but I thought it was a little different that they offered beer and lemonade but there was no food. It was a two hour party and about an hour and a half into it they served some cake and ice cream and that was it. It was kind of like what a party should be in so many ways. Some of the birthday parties these days are so over the top it is overwhelming for the kids. Anyway I should shut up because some of my parties have been a little crazy. I am trying to change that and will not throw another crazy party for quite a while.
Saturday night I had Sara and Ticey over for leftover Indian food from the night before. We went to Pink Elephant in the evening and had a fun time.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Today we got up and went to this coffee shop up the street and Porter had a major breakdown and we were going crazy trying to deal with it. Porter cried all the way home and he ended up taking a three hour nap. I went with Sara and Ticey to a friends house for an afternoon tea. I made a strawberry cheesecake that was fabulous and it was a really nice afternoon. When I got home Jason had a friend over and they wanted to go to the Zoo. It was the perfect evening for the Zoo and we had a really nice time. Porter wanted to ride the Skyfari and it was an awesome view of the city at night.
This week I am not sure what is going on but I might go up to LA on Tuesday but I am not sure.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

food and crafts

Liesl had a fever from Friday night to Tuesday morning. It was hard because she would only nurse and now that she is better she still only wants to nurse. I feel like I have a newborn again. Wednesday morning I decided to go to LA and was able to get out of the house by 11AM. It took three hours to get there and the kids were good. We went to the Santa Clarita Aquatic center and it was awesome. It was like a water park that the city owned so it was cheep and so much fun. Porter was very cautious in the beginning but after 30 minutes he started following Amelia and was comfortable in the water. Today we went to Griffith Park to ride the horses and the train. Porter was talking about the horses earlier in the week and wanted to go on the medium fast ones. I bought him two rounds on the horse and after his ride on the fast horse he was a little sad so I asked him if he wanted to have a ride on the slow horse and he said yes. Porter said the fast horse was too bouncy but he liked the slow horse. I was cracking up watching him ride the fast horse it was just so funny to me to see him on this trotting pony with his blond hair flying up and down. The train ride was fun but Liesl just wanted to nurse and that was a little annoying to me. Can I say that? I seriously am starting to really hate nursing but I guess that is because I feel like I am nursing a newborn.
I made some yummy food on Monday from one of my favorite cookbooks.
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Some fun little things I have made recently.
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

two sick kids

Porter has had a runny nose for a week now and Liesl has had a runny nose plus she threw up last night and this afternoon. I hope they get better soon.

Some things Liesl is doing that I want to remember.
Words for things
Baby = Blanket
milking = nursing
jacket = anything she wants to put on
please = something she wants
Liesl is also obsessed with shoes especially Porter's shoes. I have to show her every pair until she see the ones she wants. If I don't show them all to her she starts crying. She loves to put anything on like jackets, hats, bibs, bike helmet. She is really into the layering look and loves to go out with a jacket on when it 100 degrees out. I was trying to make dinner this evening so I sat her at the bar with some food and when I turned around she had on a cowboy hat and two bibs on. I should have taken a picture she was so cute.

Yesterday morning I took Porter to the dentist and he has no cavities but his front tooth is dead. we are just going to leave it in and eventualy it will fall out whe the new one comes in. She was a nice lady and I will definitly go back. When we were leaving the dentist asked Porter if he wanted a sticker and he told her he was going to take two one for him and one fore his sister. I thought it was so cute that he was thinking of her. Jason stayed home with Liesl and Porter did not really like that we were leaving without her. I wonder if he is going to have a problem going to school by himself? I am looking forward to him going to school but I am not sure about it. My plan all along was for him to go the year before he enters kindergarden but I kind of got caught up in the whole school thing. I guess we will see how it all works out.

Damages on FX

I have only watched the first two episodes but I love it already. I used to read lawyer thrillers when I was younger and I really like this show. I was out last night with some friends so I am going to watch last nights episode tonight.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Last night I made some flour tortillas using this recipe. I used coconut oil and want to try and make them with whole wheat flour but white flour tortillas are so darn good. I am at the point where I prefer brown rice over white but I still love those white flour tortillas. Anyway, Porter swore that I was making "heart cookies" and wanted a ball of dough so I gave him one. He shared it with Liesl and said "I love it mommy I really do love it".
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Liesl liked it too and kept on screaming at Porter to give her more. I had a little measuring cup on the counter that had some extra flour in it and they decided that dough tasted even better dipped in flour. I left the room and they got a bag of graham crackers and started dipping those in the flour, yuck.

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Then Porter decided to put flour on Liesl.
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I should not have left the kitchen because this is what I came back to.
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He poured the flour on her dress and face.

The tortillas came out good.
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maggots, poop, the velodrome and a photo shoot

Okay so Wednesday morning the kids were sitting up at the bar eating their breakfast and I thought I would sweep up a little since I never do. Well there were maggots in the broom and all over the floor. I was freaking out screaming so loud the neighbors were probably wondering what the hell was going on. I called Jason but he did not want to come home and clean it up. So I did what any good housewife would do I put on my yellow rubber gloves, grabbed a bottle of cleaner and a wad of paper towels and went to work. First I sprayed each maggot with cleaner but it really did nothing to stop them so I probably used a whole roll of paper towels cleaning them all up. When I was done I called my mom to schedule Letty the cleaning lady for Saturday. I am not very good at cleaning the house and it is time for a professional to come in and get the job done. So anyway my Wednesday was actually a nice day considering how it started. I went and bought a tricycle for Liesl that I can push and steer for $10 from a lady off craigslist. Porter rode his "ordange" bike and I pushed Liesl on the trike to the park. Porter was not that into the park so we rode over to the velodrome and it was open. Porter went and rode his bike around the center loop a couple of times then wanted to go on the "fast" track but only made it half way around.
Liesl has pooped in the potty about 7 times in the last week. Today she pooped on top of the potty and by the front door but at least I did not have one poppy diaper to wash this week.
So this writer for the UT is writing an article about street art and wanted a picture of me by a pole warmer. I met the photog at Influx and Jason met me there to watch the kids and it was a really weird experience. I am just not comfortable having my picture taken like that. I am afraid that I am going to have this weird smile in all of the photos but we will see.