Saturday, February 27, 2010

Noble Experiment

Thursday evening Jason and I met some friends for drinks at a new bar downtown called Noble Experiment.
To get to the bar you have to go into Neighborhood, push a wall of kegs by the restrooms and it opens into the bar. The bar is small, so you need to make a reservation at least a day in advance to get a spot. All of the drinks are made with fresh juice, good alcohol, clear ice, basically the way drinks were made before the invention of high fructose corn syrup. It was a very nice evening with good conversation, good ambiance and good drinks.

Friday, February 26, 2010

a hike

I kept Porter home from school today because he had a cough and runny nose. He wasn't sick enough to have to stay inside all day, so we went on a hike.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Yeast Experiment

The two hours between Porter getting home from school and Jason coming home from work is the hardest. The kids are usually hungry and I am trying to make dinner and get them a snack and it is a little crazy around here. I really want to start making dinner before I pick up Porter so I have more time to hang out with him before dinner, shower and bed time. Yesterday Liesl was sleeping and Porter was walking around complaining that he had nothing to do. So, I started to teach him how to knit and he really got it, but I don't have the right needles for him to do it without my help. He was frustrated with that after about 10 min, so we went downstairs and we did some experiments with yeast. Porter had a lot of fun putting different things in the bowls and seeing how they reacted with the yeast. I think he has the most fun with the soda water because all of the dishes got some in the end.

dish 1. orange juice, raw potato, and yeast
dish 2. water, raw potato and yeast
dish 3. soda water, raw potato and yeast
dish 3. milk, raw potato, banana, agave, yeast

Monday, February 22, 2010

Home Ec. and last week

Last Monday Liesl came down with Chicken Pox. I thought she was immune since she had a really mild case when she was previously exposed. I was wrong and she unintentional exposed a bunch of kids and an adult who has never had it. Liesl had a really bad case and two nights were really hard, but she made it through without any complications. Since Liesl was sick, I was not able to make everything that I wanted to for Home Ec., but I ended up having enough. Home Ec. was a lot of fun and we had a good turnout.

Photos courtesy of the talented and lovely Iris Santos Conrad

Friday, February 12, 2010

Home Ec.

I will be selling my crafty creations next Sunday.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A beautiful hike

Yesterday the kids and I along with some friends went on a hike by the beach.

the cockroach house they spent forever building.

Pox Update

number of days home from school = 4

number of oatmeal baths = 1

number of volcano baths = 1

number of times Tylenol was given = 3

number of doses of benadryl = 2

number of doses of a special herb mixture = 6

number of good days = 5

number of bad days = 1

Over all it was not bad and I enjoyed the time with Porter. It is really not this big bad scary virus that should be avoided at all cost. Porter was uncomfortable on the third day, other than that it was not a big deal.

On the 6th day his pox were all scabbed over, but I kept him home from school. We went on a hike and enjoyed the beautiful day.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


After school today we went to the Science Museum, but it was free day and super crowded, so we left. I told them I would take them again tomorrow. It was a beautiful day! We are so lucky we get to live in Southern California!