Sunday, December 30, 2007


I have been looking for a bike on and off for about 6 months now. Most bike stores are closed on Sundays so we only had Saturdays to look for one and for some reason it was hard to get our act together. We went to about every shop in San Diego that sells used road bikes, we even went to Santee with no luck. Well yesterday we went to this store in La Jolla called Veloculture and I found a bike that I really liked. They did not have it put together so we went back today (they are open on Sundays now) and I rode it around for a bit and bought it. I can't wait to go on bike rides at night with Jason well, maybe when it warms up a little bit.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Balloon Parade

Thursday we went down to the waterfront to watch the Big Bay Balloon Parade, "America's Largest Balloon Parade". Jason has told me about it for the last few years because it is close to his work but this is the first year I took the kids. We got there late but we did see some great balloons like Thomas and Jay Jay. Liesl kept on pointing and saying "see, see" and Porter was just fascinated with all the balloons. Porter was really sad when it was over and wanted to see more so I will have to make sure we are on time next year. After the parade we walked back to Jason's office and hung out there for a little bit before we went grocery shopping. My latest food cravings have been cabbage and tofu stir fry, last month it was cauliflower.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Wood Christmas

I was trying to write a Christmas post but it just sucked so I erased it. Christmas was fun, we had a really nice time and the kids toys were all made out of wood or cloth. Yay, I am done with that.

We are all well and looking forward to the New Year. My parent's offered to take the kids overnight on New Years Eve but they have never been away from us and I am not sure how it would go.

Wednesday morning I met my sister at my favorite children's store The Lily Pad because they were having a 50% off the entire store sale. I bought way more than I should have and Jason kind of yelled at me for it. Well he did not yell but he told me very sternly that I should have not spent the money. I got some great stuff thought so it was worth it.

I have a new name for my clothing/hair clip venture but I am not going to tell you yet. I am going to go down and get a business license and all that so I can order wholesale fabric and shirts. I am excited.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Phantom Pregnancy

Can you guess which picture was taken last week?



Saturday, December 22, 2007


We have all been sick this week but we are all healthy now. It was not fun but I am so happy Jason and I were not sick on the same day. I am still having some neck pain and head dizziness so I hope it goes away soon.
We went and bought the kids christmas presents and let them pick them out. We are kind of but not really doing the whole santa thing and they are so young they did not care too much that they did not get to play with their gifts right away. Jason is on his way to Carmel Valley to pick up some trains and track from a Craigslist listing. Porter is still really into trains so I think he will really like it. Belinda Carlisle's Heaven is a Place on Earth just came on the Big 80's station and I can't tell you happy that just made me. I remember my sister had a dance to this song, she was a big fan. I was more of a Madonna fan and made up dances to her songs. I have a sweet potato, pecan pie in the oven and when it is done we are going to my dear friend Elaine's house for her annual solstice party.

Check out this interesting Craigslist listing I found today.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Gala Foods

I went over to the Gala Foods market in South Park tonight to buy some tamale supplies. I bought 4 different types of dried chilies for the sauce, some corn husks and some Peruvian white beans that are kind of like pinto beans but better. They don't sell them in any of the stores I usually go to and they are not organic but they are so good I had to buy them. I love walking down the isles and looking at all the different kinds of food. The food is ridiculously cheap, a 7oz. bag of elbow macaroni was $.39. I wanted to buy it because it was so cheap but then what would I do with it?
Today was not a very good day but we are surviving. Liesl threw up 6 times today, the last time was at 12PM and she has nursed quite a bit, drank half a smoothie and some juice. I hope she is over it now but Porter did not eat very much today and has been complaining that his stomach hurt. I don't know if it is hurting because he is hungry or he is sick. He did not take a nap today so he feel asleep on his bed at 7 but woke up at 8:30 and he felt a little bit warm to me. If is laying on the floor watching The Grinch right now so i hope he falls back to sleep soon.
And I just have to post this not that shocking news.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Porter has a special blanket that he likes to hold when he is sucking his thumb. I don't think I have ever seen him suck his thumb without his blanket. I let him have it in the house, car and stroller. Well this morning we were running late for school and he forgot to bring his blanket. About two blocks from our house he asked for it and when I told him we did not have it he started crying and yelling "I want my blanket". He asked me to go back to the house to get it and cried more when I said no. We got to school and he was still crying and so I told him we could go home if he wanted to. He said no but that he still wanted his blanket and so we walked to the school and he was sad. Porter hid behind me when the teacher said hi so I went and played with him for a minute and them I said by and walked away. I was doing something by the classroom and Porter came running up to me crying and saying that he wanted my to play with him. I ended up staying there playing with him for 20 minutes until it was time for them to go inside the classroom. I know Porter is attached to his blanket but I did not realize how much. I wonder how long he is going to want to sleep with it and suck his thumb.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sandy's Workshop

Porter's school had a Santa's workshop where he went to pick out presents for Jason and I today. The presents are under the tree and when Jason came home he asked Porter where they came from and he said Sandy's workshop I said "where?" and he said it again. I thought it was cute.

North Park Dog Owners

Please be responsible owners and pick your dog shit up off my lawn. I am so tired of having to deal with dog shit when I don't even own a dog.

happy day

I woke up today really happy. I did not realize that I was that off until today when I was so happy. Anyway, I hope I have another happy day tomorrow because I like to be happy and not get so frustrated all the time. I started a new pole warmer today and it is almost done so I might be able to get it up tomorrow. Jason has been working on his project for the last month and that is all he wants to do so I don't get to use the computer at night anymore unless I want to go upstairs. I don't really like it up there so I just watch tv and knit or sew. I am tired.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas tree how lovely are your branches. Those are the only words I know to that song but that did not stop me from singing that line over and over on our walk home from the Christmas tree lot. Today I decided that we would pretend we were city folk without a car and we walked up to buy our Christmas tree. We put the kids in the stroller and brought along the wagon for the tree. At the tree lot they said they could deliver it for free but I said no because I was really fixed on the image of us pulling the wagon with the tree in it. I brought my camera along to capture the moment. It was fun and it made me feel like I am not so suburban after all.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

hair chop

I have no hair left and I am not sure if I like it. In two weeks when it starts to grow out I will love it.

This was the inspiration.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

blah blah blah

I just want to lock myself in a room and sew or knit for hours and not have to deal with kids. I am having this strong desire to create something or do something stimulating. I am in a funk with this child rearing business but I don't want to do anything to change it right now I just want to complain. I am looking forward to the new year and wish that we could just skip over the holiday and get on with it. I am looking forward to January and hope that I can use the new year as motivation to change. I want to be a better parent and I need to create something. A friend from Seattle is coming down in February for an art show he is having at a new gallery in Little Italy. I want to knit up a pole warmer to promote it. I an thinking I want to knit a bunch of wrist warmers with a letter on each one. I could put them all up on the pole or I could have friends wear them and randomly go put them on the pole throughout the night. Anyway, just some ideas who knows if I will actually do it or not.
We went to the zoo yesterday and had a really run time. I had not gone since the end of September when our passes expired and it was nice to go again after such a long break.
Today I started walking up to the farmers market but it was really windy and cold and I was afraid it would start raining so I walked back and got the car. There were not very many vendors but I have been craving cauliflower lately so I bought one and some squash. Porter wanted a cookie but all we found was a lemon bar that this German lady was selling. It was the best lemon bar I have ever had I am probably going to go back next week and get another. I also bought some rolls from her then went home and ate a roll with some wine and cheese. It was a lovely afternoon snack.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

check it out

Hey my good friend makes some awesome knit wash cloths and hats. Go check it out and buy some holiday gifts for you or your friends.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Sirius 4

My friend Josh just said "What's this station called? Awesome" I have been listening to it all day after I read this post. I am in music heaven.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Dinosaur Discovery

Saturday afternoon we went to the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm. It was really cool and the kids had a great time.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Family Photos

We went and had a family pictures taken today and it went surprisingly well. I love the photo of my family, I just wish we were wearing Santa hats or matching holiday sweaters.

sleep vs. post

We woke up at 4:30AM yesterday and drove all the way to Utah in the rain. It was so not a fun ride but we made it here safely. We checked into out hotel and went over to my Grandma's place to visit for a while. After that we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and the food was really bad I have nothing good to say about it. I ordered the 4 side option with vegetables, mashed potatoes, sweet potato and green beans. The vegetables were dripping in butter, the potatoes were too salty and buttery, the green beans were swimming in some kind of broth with chunks of bacon and the sweet potato was just baked but it did have a bunch of butter on it. The kids were into Andy, the mascot that was walking around greeting all the kids. I was so tired when we got home that I crashed at 8:30 while I was putting Liesl down. Jason woke me up and asked me if I wanted to get up and post but I said no because seriously what is more important?