Thursday, May 22, 2008


Yesterday we drove up to LA to my sister's house and it only took us 2 hours. Amelia's 6th birthday was today so she had a party with her friends. One of the benefits of homeschooling is that you can have a birthday party at 12PM on a Thursday. The food was good and the party was fun. Liesl had a fever when we woke up yesterday, but I decided that we would go to LA anyway. She was very clingy and had a hard time sleeping in the car, so in the evening I gave her some ibuprofen when the homeopathic pill my sister had did not work. Liesl perked up and felt better, but sleeping was still hard for her so I did not get much sleep either. This morning Porter was being really mellow and emotional. During the first part of the party he just wanted to sit on the couch with his blanket. I would go in the house to check on him and he would just ask for a hug. He eventually did come out of the house, but would go back in for 10 minutes here and there. When the pinata broke and Porter did not get a red lolly pop, his favorite, he started crying a lot. I know Porter can be emotional but he was overly emotional today and when he was crying I said "he's not feeling well today" and it reminded me of something my sister told me. I can't quote her on it, I am sure she will correct me if I am wrong, but she said something about parents of bad behaving kids making a lot of excuses for them. I really don't want to be like that and when I said that, it made me feel like I was doing just that. Anyway, it was a good trip, but I think I should have stayed another night because I felt like we rushed out of there with a mess for Shauna to clean up. We left at 3 and did not get home until a little after 7. The traffic was so bad, but the kids were good and did not complain that much.
Some photos of before the party.

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  1. Thanks for all your help Natalie!
    Regarding Parents making excuses for bad behavior in their kids; It is annoying but I am positive I too have done it at least once in the past 6 years :)