Friday, May 30, 2008


A month ago I had Liesl down to nursing morning and night. Well a month ago she was sick so I let her nurse during the day and now I am trying to stop it. Yesterday she was really tired because she did not take a nap, so by 4PM, when I think this video was taken, she was mad. This video was shot about 10 of 15 minutes into the fit so she was starting to calm down a little bit. I was not going to give in and ended up giving her a lolly pop to settle her down. The kids fell asleep at 7PM last night and it was a little weird, but Jason and I were able to sit down in peace and eat dinner.

Tonight we are going on our Critical Mass bike ride and the kids are spending the night at my parent's house.


  1. We miss you guys too. Hope to see you Sunday if your kids don't have the pox! Hehe.
    Have fun on your ride, i'm sure it will be a fun night.
    Oh, and chocolate milk always worked for athena when she had those kind of fits. Just remind Liesl that nursing has to be mutually agreeable and she should understand your point of view (joking).

  2. Oh, I feel you. We are going through the same thing, though probably not as far into the process as you are. Lila is a boobaholic and it's hard!

  3. Well now this is just proving the point that weaning should be done when solid foods are introduced, They trade nursing for solid foods. Thats how I have done it with all three of mine at 4 monthes they are all super healthy, happy, and they never have had to feel the sadness that your little girl is feeding. Its selfish to nurse them this late for your convienience.I swear with how long women go it must be about pleasure or something. When a child can ask for it, they are to old. It may be mothers milk but its also a boob something that has been used sexually should not be used to feed a child of that age! You should be ashamed of yourself. And same with all you women who don't cut them off when they should be cut off. They never learn to self- soothe. The breast is soothing. What are they going to do when they are 16 and get hurt buy the opposite sex? Come home to momma to suck on a boob because they haven't learnt to find comfort any other way? IF you want them to have the benefits of breast milk I understand that. Its called pumping. I've pumped for all mine throughout from 0-12 monthes very rarely did they get the breast. I sleep alone with my husband at night and get a full nights sleep.