Monday, May 05, 2008

i want to ride my bicycle

Today our AP playgroup met at our old local park in Golden Hill. The kids were a little bit crazy this morning and they both have a runny nose so I think that might be part of the crazy. I was a little crazy too because I lost/left my cute jute bag with a Pyrex dish, the kids water bottles, some stainless steel plates and silverware at the party yesterday. I hate it when I loose things and I also realized that I lost my Klean Kanteen so ugh, anyway it really bummed me out this morning. My friend went to the park to see if it was there but it wasn't. So yeah it was a rough morning and I just wanted to get in the car and drive to the park but I decided to ride my bike instead. The kids were good and by the time we got to the park I felt better. There were a lot of people at the park but the kids had a fun time. A little girl came up to Porter and was trying to take a toy and he yelled "stop" and ran away. I went up to him afterwards and told him that I was really happy that he ran away. The ride home was a little but harder because it was windy but Liesl fell asleep so that was nice.

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