Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Today we woke up and walked to The Mission for breakfast. It was 11:30 by the time we got there and we still had to wait 30 min, but it was not bad. The food was good, like always, and the kids were a little bit hyper until the food came. Porter did not want his picture taken but I got one photo anyway.
On the walk home Liesl fell asleep in the stroller and then Porter fell asleep on the couch when we got home. The house was in bad shape so I started cleaning our room first and I was working on the closet when I found out that Jason has a serious shoe problem. On our walk today he mentioned that he needed a new pair because the pair he was wearing was starting to come apart. He did throw away three of them, so that was good. The house cleaning went well, but I still feel like there is so much to do. Whenever I go to my friend Luci's house it is perfect, like a model home perfect. I really want to try and get my house to the point where I can invite anyone over without worrying what condition the house is in.
My little sister came over today to drop off Liesl's flower girl dress and it was huge. The sales lady measured Liesl and suggested we order a size 2T, so we did. Her pitch was that it is better to buy big so you can alter it, but if it is too small there is nothing you can do. I held the dress up to Porter and it would fit him just fine. On Liesl it is so big, but I am going to do my best to try and make it fit. I have altered a few of my own shirts lately so I am confident I can get it to look nice.
I did not feel like making dinner tonight so we picked up some yummy Indian food. I love Indian food and Jason even said it was a good choice!
This was the first Mother's Day that I can remember not spending with my Mom. My parent's have been in Europe since the end of April and they get back on Wednesday and it will be good to see them.


  1. Happy Mother's Day Nat!
    Your floors look great!
    Liesl looks like Peaches and Cream Barbie from the 80's :) I can't believe how big the dress is. They had me order size 3T for Miranda!
    Hey, you know not to compare yourself to other Mom's, especially on Mother's Day. You are an awesome Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!! The BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Oh my gosh, that dress is so cute, but, yup, it's kinda big! Luckily, you are oh so talented with a sewing machine!
    Um, and as far as my OCD-ness, please remind me to tell you a story (a bit too graphic for the internet!), but I try to remember it whenever I'm feeling too stressed out over my house being clean....!!! It usually brings me back down to earth lol!

  3. nice chucks... and that dress it seems we have one in purple.
    rock on mama