Friday, May 09, 2008

puppy mills

A few weeks ago I was watching Oprah and it was about the horrible way animals are treated at puppy mills. Lisa Ling was the investigator and this is what she had to say about why farmers do this.

"Lisa says one reason puppy mill owners keep their dogs in such conditions is cultural. "They don't regard dogs in the same way that others may. They believe man is to dominate animals," she says. "A number of them didn't seem like they realized that what they were doing was inhumane because in their culture … that is what they're supposed to be. And the fact is, there is a market for puppies in America."

My problem with the show is that they don't mention other animals and how they are treated. So when Oprah says "It is my belief that when you actually see this, America, with your own eyes, that you are not going stand for it." I say shame on you Oprah for not showing how all animals are treated on factory farms. The farmers are treating the dogs as they would any other animal on their farm, just because dogs are kept as pets does not grant them special rights that other animals don't receive. All animals on a farm should be treated humanely and with respect regardless of their end destination. That is my opinion anyway.


  1. I think that same thing often. :(

  2. Hell yeah! I think Oprah is evil.