Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I had this feeling today that I might need an oil change when I was driving home from Porter's school. I went a different way and drove down a hill and my oil light went on for a second. I went home to let Liesl nap then I went to Jiffy Lube for an oil change. They tried to get me to buy the high mileage package and I said no just the basic oil change. About 10 minutes later the service man wanted to show me the dip stick and that there was no oil in the car and started talking about how bad it is for the car and that I needed to have it flushed out and all this crap. The kids were a little out of control so I just told him to do the oil change and I would take it to my mechanic later. 5 minutes later the kids were running around this dirty corner of the parking lot and the service guy comes up to me again with the air filter in his hand and tried to convince me to replace it. I was a little mean but I was frustrated and just wanted to get out of there so I said "no I just want my oil changed" in a really annoyed voice and I felt kind of bad. Anyway, I got out of there but my car is still in need of some work. It has started pinging.

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  1. you did the right thing though, an air filter will take you about 2 minutes to change although with 2 crazy kids this could pose an issue. That is crazy that you didn't have oil though, had it been that long! The civic i drive tells you your oil life so when it gets to 20% I take it in. good for me because the chances of me getting a dipstick out are slim.