Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Circus Class

We went to try out circus class again today. The last time we went was in August and Porter was a little out of hand and did not do that well. Now that he has been in school and knows how a class works I thought we could give it another try. Porter has talked about circus class and about going again, on and off since we went so he was excited to go today. Porter was not that into doing forward rolls but he did have fun running around and jumping on the platforms. I had Liesl in a gym class that just ended today so she is used to a lot of the exercises and wanted to join in on the class. Liesl had a lot of fun and Oli was being really cute helping her off the platforms. The teacher was helping Liesl do a forward roll and said that she was really flexible and could be a contortionist. After class the teacher asked if she could test Liesl's flexibility and she stretched her into all these positions. The teacher said that only 2% of the population are born with good flexibility. Jason is double jointed and really flexible so I was not that surprised that Liesl is too. Anyway, Porter did really well in school today and I had a good day for the most part.

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