Thursday, November 01, 2007

8 minutes left

Okay I am going to follow Lorien and try to blog once a day for a month.
Today Porter rode his bike to the park like he does a few time a week. We kind of have a routine where we ride to the park, play at the playground and then go see if the velodrome is open. There was a cross country meet going on today and they run on the sidewalks and the trails. Porter was ahead of me and when I came around the bend I saw this lady pushing him off the sidewalk onto the grass. When he saw me he started crying and the lady said he is upset because she moved him. I just went and comforted him while my friend Kim talked to the lady. The runners were on the walkway where Porter was riding and she said 5 people told him to move and he did not listen. She said she had three kids and they all listen and he should listen. Kim told her that he is three years and what do you expect him to do it is a walkway. I was pretty upset and felt really bad for Porter. I told him that she was a bad lady and to run her over the next time. I then felt bad for saying that so I told him that she was just not nice and that we would stay away from her. When we were riding back home we had to go past all of the runners and parents because the set up right by the playground and Porter just wanted to ride slow right next to me. That was the drama for the day.


  1. I really don't know how to handle strangers trying to discipline my kid. That sucks.

    Also, I was at the park today and saw the cross country meet, too. They were just finishing the last race when I was there.

  2. by the way, hi. I followed your link in your email :-)