Monday, November 05, 2007

boring and bad

I was talking to Jason the other day and I was wondering if anyone other than people that I know will read this blog. I am not a good writer and I really don't think my life is that interesting to read. Jason said that you don't have to be a good writer you just have to wright about interesting things or you can be a good writer and wright about boring things. Anyway, I am just boring and bad.

Today we went to a park that I don't really like but Porter and Liesl had a lot of fun. I was feeling really bad with cramps but I took some ibuprofen and was better. I was going to go buy a birthday resent and pick up some wool felt today but a friend stopped by for a while and that was fun.


  1. You can see where and when people are reading your blog by going to google analytics. It's kinda fun!

  2. Wait a minute, I believe you just posted pictures of yourself dancing on the table, and that's totally the opposite of boring and bad.