Sunday, November 11, 2007


I went to The Lnkery for dinner last night with Sara and Ticey. I ordered the two sausage links plate and ate it all, it was so tasty. Sara, my fish only eating friend had a bite of the organic chicken link and loved it. I usual only eat meat once or twice a month but for some reason I have ate so much meat in the last week. It started earlier in the week when I was going to make some veggie chili with fake meat. I am really trying to not but a lot of processed food and I was thinking about what is really better for me. Do I buy fake meat with all the crap they do to it to make it look and taste like ground meat or do I buy some organic ground turkey? I bought the turkey and the chili was really good. Friday my Dad asked me to make some chicken soup so I did and I made myself a chicken sandwich with some of the extra chicken. Friday night at Urban Solace we had chicken and dumplings and then last night the sausages. I think I need to go on a meat detox for the next week of two.

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