Friday, March 21, 2008


Today my friend Sara came over and we walked up to Hillcrest for brunch. We went to City Bagel so I got the vegan cream cheese for the kids and avocado and tomatoes for me. Liesl saw my avocado and started asking for some so I shared. I have 15 lbs of avocados in my kitchen right now but they are not ripe yet and poor Liesl keeps asking for one. The last time we had them she ate one or more a day so I feel really bad that I can't give her one just yet. I went to a bead store today because they were having a 60% off sale. When I was 15 my Mom took my sister and I to this bead store by our house and I would make necklaces with beads and string. I moved on to macrame and bead necklaces and I did that for a long time. I even taught it when I worked in Maine at the teen camp. When we moved last year I found my bead box and took a look at it just a few months ago. I made a few necklaces with what I had and sold some in my mom's store so I decided to buy some more supplies. I like making the necklaces but they are not really my style so I don't wear them. Anyway, I found some nice beads for a great deal and the kids slept in the stroller so it was nice and easy to shop.

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