Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Religion Part Three

This is my last post on the topic for a while.

I don't think going to church and believing in a god is a bad thing. I think going to church and religion is great for a lot of people. The social aspect of a church community can be wonderful and so many people benefit from being a part of one. I like the traditions surrounding religion and celebrate the christian holidays with my family. People around the world have done wonderful things and equally horrible things in the name of religion. We all believe that we are right so, how can I say I am right and you are wrong? I am going to continue believing what I believe and I am happy and content with it. I am determined to raise ethical, honest and kind children without sin and hell as a threat. I am going to read Parenting Beyond Belief and think it will help Jason and I achieve our goal as parents.

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  1. Ok, this is eerie - I just picked up that book last night at the new Encinitas library, as well as Spiritual Parenting and bought Parenting with Spirit in the B/N discount area. I've only met you once eons ago but we seem to be on the same path....