Thursday, March 27, 2008

this and that

Today I took Porter to school then went over to JoAnn's and GTM. I found some cheep fabric and I am going to make a few summer dresses for Liesl. After shopping we went over to a park close to Porter's school for a playgroup. There were a lot of people there so after I picked up Porter we went back and hung out for a few hours. Porter did not want to stay for lunch today so I did not make him. The teacher aide thinks that he was a little off on Tuesday at lunch because his teacher is on vacation this week. It was a fun day and I am looking forward to tomorrow. I am taking the kids to playgroup in the morning then at 12 my friend is going to watch them for a few hours so I can go run some errands.
Tomorrow night we are going on a Critical Mass bike ride and I am really looking forward to it. We could not get a sitter so we are taking the kids down to my parent's house and I know they will have a fun time.

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  1. I added you to my blog. Hope that's ok. I really like all your t shirts and what not. Very cool. -Sherry