Thursday, March 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Liesl!

I can't believe Liesl is two already. I found the birth story I wrote shortly after she was born. In a way I feel like she was Charlotte then and did not become Liesl until we started calling her that at 8 weeks so I will not change the name in the story.

The only time Liesl has ever been chubby.

Charlotte’s Birth

I went for a NST at Mercy Hospital on Monday at 12PM. Sara the midwife called me at 4:30 and said that the beck up Dr. at Mercy reviewed the test and said that the placenta was showing signs that it was no longer working. Sara said that I needed to come in and have my water broken as soon as possible. Jason and I got to the birth center at 5:30 and Roberta broke my water at 5:45. Contractions started almost right away and I got in the tub probably a half hour later when I was 4 cm. dilated. Labor was really hard and I felt that I never got a break it was just one contraction after another. My uterus started pushing so I asked Roberta to check me and I was 6 to 7 cm. I don’t know how much time went by but it did not seem like much and I had to push. I did not feel like I was ready to do it. I felt like I could not move and my uterus was pushing the baby out. I could not grab my knees and push so I just laid there pushed a couple of times and the baby was out. I remember Sara saying that the head was out and the next thing I knew Charlotte was on my stomach. I was bleeding a lot afterward because my uterus was not contracting so I lost a good amount of blood and they gave me a shot of Pitocin. We went home at 12:45AM and I felt pretty week for the first couple of days but I am getting better. Porter came in the room right after Charlotte was born and has been a great big brother.

Porter and Liesl waiting to eat their cup cakes.


  1. Yay liesl, i hope the cupcake making went well. I'm exhausted from my endeavors.
    I'm glad rowan shares a b-day with liesl and not some other snotty 2 year old.

  2. Happy Birthday Liesl! She was/is so beautiful!