Monday, March 17, 2008


We are a co sleeping family and it works for us. Porter slept in his bed until this winter when it was cold in his room and we felt bad making him sleep in there by himself. My mom asked me last night if I we ever "cuddle" and if it bothers me that the kids sleep with us. We do get to "cuddle" all the time on the couch and in bed next to the kids so that is not a problem for us. We don't love or hate having the kids with us but for now it is working. Four in a queen size bed leaves little room to stretch out so I don't know how much longer we will do it. Most mornings we are woken up by Liesl asking for food or a show but the other day she woke up and said "hi everybody", it was so cute. Porter will wake up and say "I love you mommy" and it just make is all worth it. Eventually we are going to put a full bed in the kids room and work on having them sleep in there together.

Jason was reading a book to Porter last night and Porter had to use the bathroom so he asked Jason to "pause the book".

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  1. Love the co-sleeping!
    I enjoyed every moment.