Tuesday, March 18, 2008


After reading this post about these vegetarian sausages I decided to go ahead and make them. They were so easy to make and so tasty I can't wait to have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.
In the steamer basket.

I put them on a roll with some onions and peppers.
Jason added ketchup to his and Porter just ate his with ketchup and no veggies.
Today I made a raw sunflower seed sandwich spread. I bought a chard wrap from the Peace Pie guy at the farmers market a few weeks ago and loved it but had no idea what it was made out of. The next time I saw him I asked and found out it was sunflower seeds so I had to try and make my own. This is a photo of the one I bought. I just put mine on some bread and it was really tasty.

This is how I made mine but you could add other things like celery, carrots, kale or peppers.
It is so easy you just blend it up!
1 2/3 C raw sunflower seeds
juice of two medium lemons
4 mushrooms
1/4 onion

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  1. I just made some of this spread for dinner tonight (monday). It tastes good, but not as good as yours. Maybe I need to take a walk around the lake first and then it will taste better.