Sunday, March 30, 2008

new bed

The kids were so excited tonight to get a new bed. We moved Porter's twin bed upstairs and my parent's brought over my old full size bed for the kids room. The idea is that they will sleep together better and be out of our bed. I hope tonight goes well and they stay in their bed all night.

This morning we walked up to the Mission and had breakfast with some friends. I love breakfast and the Zen Breakfast with rosemary potatoes minus the egg whites is my favorite. We walked to Bird Park after breakfast and played for a while before we went home and cleaned house. I made some of this amazing raw chocolate pudding for dessert tonight. It was so easy and so tasty I can't wait to make it again.


  1. Mmm, the Mission. I recently learned that getting all sides is cheaper than getting the Zen Breakfast without the eggs or Mission Rosemary plus tofu.

    My friend moved her kids (about the same age difference as P & L) into their own bed (it was two twin mattresses pushed together, though) from the family bed, and it worked really well. Now I think they might be in individual twin beds, though I'm not sure.

  2. I wanted to go to the mission yesterday for breakfast too. We drove by and there was such a large hoard outside, we didn't feel like waiting. Sounds like it was yummy!

    Good luck with the new sleeping arrangment, it looks like they are having fun in the picture.

  3. Hi NCH,

    So glad you liked the pudding! It's one of my favorites when I'm off chocolate and craving something sweet that reminds me of it (though it's pretty good made with cocoa, too) ;).