Monday, April 21, 2008

vegetable box

This evening my brother came over and built us a box for our vegetable garden. Porter helped with the drilling and Liesl held the screws so they had a fun time.

Porter and Liesl playing zombie in the finished vegetable box..

Today we stayed home all day so Liesl could be close to the potty for our first official potty training day. Liesl had five accidents but she took a nap without a diaper and went when she woke up so that was good. We have a gym class tomorrow at 10:30 so I don't know if I should put a diaper on her or try and just go with underwear.


  1. you're welcome to borrow a wool cover for liesl if you want - to wear over underpants. they're not going to stop a full pee from soaking her clothes but they will probably prevent a giant puddle on the floor.

  2. Potty training is so tricky - getting a week where you're schedule is completely free so you can sit at home by the potty just never happens, so I guess you have to play it by ear! I still remember Megan having an accident in the middle of the library after I'd nonchalantly assumed we had it licked, and having to fashion her an impromptu pair of pants from a fleece jacket till we could get home... *shudder*!

  3. Natalie! I have finally started my own blog thanks to your inspiration. I'm still new so I'm sure it will be boring for a while...but check it out. It's also pretty sneaky without my name, but it's me up in Portland. You will know! xoxo