Monday, April 07, 2008


Jason walked into the kitchen today and said something like "wow clean sparkly kitchen" I was at the sink and turned around and said "there was a fly". Remember this post from last year? I am determined to keep the kitchen maggot free this summer. I would rather have a root canal than have to deal with them again. I am getting grossed out just thinking about it.

Today I rode the kids over to 28th Street park and only had to walk up one little part of a hill. It was so nice to be able to ride my bike and the kids loved it.

When I was cleaning the kitchen today I was going to mop the floors but when I went to the bathroom I noticed the tub was 1/3 full of water. I called my brother and he said he was busy so my dad was going to come over to fix it but my brother ended up coming over. Anyway I am just so thankful that he came over and helped us out and saved us money. My brother had said he was making albondigas soup for dinner so I decided to make him some fresh tortillas as a thank you. I did not have any white flour just some pastry flour and they did not turn out like they usually do. I have not made them in a while because I don't want to use white flour anymore but I have not had any luck substituting whole wheat flour in the recipe. My brother said he liked them and I am sure with some butter and dipped in soup they tasted fine.

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