Thursday, April 24, 2008

our new addition

Porter got to take Green Bear home today from school. Each kid has a turn taking the bear home for a week and they write a story and draw a picture about it. Tonight Porter was playing cars with Green Bear and then he put the pajamas on the bear and blanket. I was cleaning the kitchen and when I came out to the living room I thought it was so cute to see all three in their pajamas with their blankets. Porter does not play with dolls and is mildly interested in stuffed animals so it is fun to see him play with the bear, talk to it and dress it. The bear just had girl clothes so I told him I would make the bear a super hero cape and he liked that idea. Just one more thing I have to finish by the end of next week. I have to finish Liesl's fairy dress, make an outfit for Porter and make some confetti eggs. Tomorrow night my brother is going to come and watch the kids and we are going to go on the Critical Mass bike ride, I can't wait!

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  1. That is a cute picture and the clothes for green bear are from us. Athena really wanted him/her to have clothes and I was glad to get rid of them since she has so much doll clothes. I think it is all girly stuff though. A cape would be nice.