Friday, April 18, 2008

Ker Little India

Today after a quick stop at the park for playgroup we met some friends for lunch at at the Ker Little India a market and buffet. The food was all vegetarian but I don't know how much of it was vegan. I stayed away from the items that obviously had dairy in them but did not bother to ask about the other items. It was all so good and the kids had a nice time. After lunch we went to the market but I without a recipe I had no idea what to buy and nothing was organic and there was a lot of highly processed food. I did buy some stainless steel plates, bowls and a water pitcher to use when we eat outside. I just finished reading In Defense of Food and Michael Pollen says to not buy something if it has more than 5 ingredients. I think I can do this but I am having a problem with the milk I buy. There are a lot of ingredients in in rice, soy or almond milk so I need to start making my own. My friend Lorien makes her own milk with raw peanuts and I would like to try it out. The next time I am at Whole Foods I am going to buy some and make my own.

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