Wednesday, April 16, 2008


We went to the Zoo today with one of Porter's school friends and had a really nice time. The mom was saying that she lets her son pick out plants from the nursery so her yard is full or random plants. When we got home from the Zoo I decided that we needed to go to City Farmers Nursery to pick up some soil to start my seeds. While we were there I saw some ferns and wanted to get one so I told the kids they could each pick out one plant. I was thinking that I could plant it on the side of the house by the sidewalk because all we have there are weeds. I wanted Liesl to pick the fern but she had to follow Porter to the herbs. Porter picked out a Water Mint and Liesl picked out a Peppermint plant. We planted them in some pots my MIL bought me years ago and they look nice on the front porch.

It doesn't look like it but Porter was really proud of his plant.

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