Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Pearl

Last night Jason and I wet to The Pearl for dinner. The server was a little off but the food was good. I had the Organic Vegetable Plate and it was really tasty but I wonder if all the vegetable were really organic. There was a portobello mushroom in it and I have never found organic ones at the store. I ordered a Cosmo at the bar that cost $10 and I had two more at the table that were $14 each. When I questioned the server she said it was some computer error after trying to tell me that they used premium vodka that is why it was was more even though I ordered the same thing. Anyway she "fixed" the bill and made them $11 each, still don't understand why the same drink wound be more at the table. I ordered some desert and after 15 minutes she came back to tell us the kitchen was closed. A kitchen should not close at 10PM on a weekend when the restaurant is full of people. I really liked the place and will definitely go back.
Today we have to stop by a birthday party at 10AM then we are off to LA so watch my niece as a pick pocket in Oliver. The show starts at 2 so we are going to try and be there by 1:30, pray for no traffic! We might spend the night so I need to go pack the bags.

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