Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Porter just wrote the title of this blog. Three is the only number he asks to push and I keep on wondering if he will move on to 4 after his birthday. Porter stayed for lunch bunch today and he had a good time but I don't know if he is going to ask to do it again. The teacher said that he was sad when he found out that she would not be staying for lunch. The aide stayed for an hour and Porter cried again when she left so if we do it again I will pick him up at 1 instead of 1:45. This morning when I asked Porter what he would like for lunch and he said that he wanted whatever everyone else was having. Porter makes me smile.
Liesl was difficult today and she just wanted me to hold her. We were Porter free for almost 5 hours but I don't feel like we got much done. Liesl and Porter passed out in the car ride home from school and both slept for 2 hours. Porter skipped circus class for the third week in a row because he was sleeping and I could not wake him. I hate to waste the money but I will not make Porter do something he does not want to do. When I was 12 or 13 my sister and I did not want to go to swimming so my Mom did not take us. When my Dad got home he was furious and made my sister and I take $1 of our own money and put it in the toilet so he could flush it down. His point was that us skipping swimming was like flushing his money down the toilet. I just remember thinking that my dad just waisted more money and that it was a stupid thing to flush money down a toilet. My Dad still tells that story like it was this great lesson he taught us.

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