Monday, February 18, 2008


Sunday I took Liesl to Brides by Demetrios where we met my sisters, Mom and nieces. We needed to have the girls measured and try on the flower girl dress. It was an interesting experience and made me even more happy with our decision to elope. The whole wedding industry is pretty crazy and it makes me sad that my sister and Mom are so wrapped up in it. My older sister called my younger sister a bridezilla and it pissed her off but it was funny. After that we met up with Jason, Porter, and our friends at the MCA downtown to check out the exhibits. It was fun but the exhibit Thom wanted to see was at the La Jolla museum so they went up there and we went home to nap. Today we went up to the MCA La Jolla and really had a great time. If you get a chance to go up there you should it was really amazing. We walked down to see the seals and to the tide pools after. Porter and Liesl wanted to take their shoes off but I did not have a towel or extra clothes so I said no. I feel bad about it so I am going to take them there later this week and let them walk around and explore. I can deal with the sandy and salt water mess if I am prepared but when I am not it is difficult for me to just let go. We went to Ranchos for an early dinner and the kids were really good. Liesl went pee in the potty at the restaurant so that was pretty cool. She is going to the bathroom a lot more and I know if I was on top of it I could have her potty trained. I need to wean her and get her out of diapers in the next 6 months, that is my goal anyway.
Liesl looks like such a big girl in this photo.
Porter will not smile for the camera anymore.
I tried to get a photo of the both of them but this is all I could get.

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