Saturday, February 23, 2008


I was nursing Liesl this afternoon after she threw a huge fit because I had initially said no. How am I ever going to ween her? I said I would nurse until two because she in not vaccinated but I thought that we would be down to one session a day at this point. I have not been doing anything to try and ween her but I am going to start trying to cut it down to three times a day and see how it goes from there. I asked Jason to take a picture of me nursing today.
I made some vegan peach cobbler tonight using frozen peaches from my parent's tree. I just used a Betty Crocker recipe and veganized it.
My parent's came over after their steak dinner at Hungry Hunter for dessert and it was nice. Porter loved the attention because Liesl was sleeping he did not have to share them.
I also made some tapioca pudding with the tapioca pearls I bought from the co-op this month. I used coconut milk, rice milk and oat milk and it turned out really good.

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