Sunday, February 17, 2008

almost vegan

This week I made a meal plan and it was so great to have everything planed out and not have to think about what was for dinner.
Sunday started out with a Leek, Potato, and Bean Cassoulet that my friend vegan momma recommended. It was yummy and I will definitely make it again.

Next we had Minestrone Soup from the Nov. 2007 McDougall Newsletter. I really liked it but Jason and the kids did care for it.

Wednesday we had the Sloppy Lentil Joes also from the Nov. 2007 McDougall Newsletter. They were really tasty but again I was the only one who loved them. Jason was expecting more of a meet type filing and the lentils did not cut it for him. I think the kids would have liked it if they were hungry but by the time I served them they had filled up on fruit and muffins.

I made a veggie pot pie on Friday but it was the only meal I made that was not vegan. The crust had butter in it and I just used a can of cream of mushroom soup for the sauce. It is a favorite with Porter and Jason so I make it once a month at least. I am going to try and make it vegan next time though.

Tonight we had Potato Chowder from the December 2007 McDougall Newsletter. It was really good and the kids both liked it. the only thing I would change is I would add some carrots and kale to add a little chunk to it.

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