Thursday, February 21, 2008


This is the first time in a while that I seriously don't know what to write about. Oh wait I do have something going on right now and it is a little embarrassing. I am addicted to Meerkat Manor. We were almost late for circus class on Tuesday because I wanted to finish watching the show. The only sad thing about the show is that almost every episode someone dies. Liesl really likes to watch it but Porter is not that into it.
We walked up to the North Park Farmers Market today for the first time in months. There was not much produce but we did buy some raw cinnamon rolls that were amazing. I think I would like to try and make some raw treats but I don't even know if I can with just an old blender. I think I would need a food processor or a stronger blender.
We have no plans for the weekend and it is nice.

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  1. I just saw those Peace Pies cinnamon rolls at the Rancho's market. they looked so... small.