Monday, February 11, 2008

lunch bunch and tricky dick

At Porter's school they call the after care "Lunch Bunch". Porter has never stayed for it but about a month ago he started talking about it. Some of his friends stay for it and he would really like to stay too. Last Thursday he got his little backpack and and told me that he wanted me to put his lunch in it for "Lunch Bunch". I think I am going to let his stay for it tomorrow and I hope it goes well.
Porter is totally into cars and can spend hours playing with them, naming them and talking about them. Sunday we walked up to the farmer's market and then to Robucks for a smoothie. While we were waiting for the smoothies Porter asked Jason to name one of his cars and for some reason Jason called the car "Tricky Dick". When I asked Jason why he said that he said "it's a real name, that is what they used to call Nixon". Jason tried to change the name but Porter would not let him and he plays with Lightning Mc Queen and Tricky Dick all over the house.

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  1. oh my god, that made me crack up. tricky dick!