Wednesday, February 20, 2008

pajama party

I am not a huge fan of wearing pajamas or any type of lounge wear outside of the house. I own one pair of pajamas and two pairs of yoga pants and I almost never wear them outside the house. When I used to practice yoga and take classes I would wear them but that was it. So anyway tomorrow is wear you pajamas day at Porter's school and I am not thrilled. I know this might be weird but Porter is not sleeping in the pajamas he is going to wear to school. I thought about it but when Jason suggested it I went with it. Porter has some lounge pants that he wears to circus class so I think I am just going to put him in those and a shirt. Do other moms think this much about something that should be so simple? How hard it is to just let your child go to school in their pajamas? You would think I'd be happy to not have to deal with getting Porter dressed in the morning but no. I can't wait for the morning.


  1. What about this wigs you out? I can see having a no PJs outside rule on a regular day but on a specially sanctioned day I'm not clear.

  2. I guess I feel that once the pajamas are worn outside that they will never be clean enough to wear as pajamas again and are ruined. I realize that sounds really OCD but I am not a clean freak I just like the bed to be clean.