Thursday, February 14, 2008

adventures in vegan baking

Today I made some Perfect Vegan Sugar Cookies for Valentine's Day. I used a banana for the egg and some rice milk for the tofu cream cheese. They turned out really good and tasted almost like the ones I used to make with butter and eggs. I ate four already and am slowly putting the 6 pounds back on that I lost last week being sick. Oh well the cookies tasted so good it was worth it. For the frosting I just mixed up some rice milk with powdered sugar and vanilla. I tried to color it with some red wine but that did not work out so well as you can see.
Two days ago I decided to make some of these chocolate chip cookies. The recipe was simple but I felt like something was missing. I tried to make them anyway and they were horrible, but I still ate 4 or 5 of them. I thought that if I kept on eating them they would magically start to taste better. The kids still ate a few of them and asked form more today. I took a photo of them right before I threw them in the trash.


  1. Cheers to your vegan conversion - we are getting a slow start - last week I made Chickpea and Kale soup. One bowl was enough :P

    Lisa in Encinitas

  2. I should have called you, those cookies look great. I felt like such a lame mom today because I was too sick to get much together for Athena and so I just cut an Uncle Eddie's cookie to look like a heart. But this mrs. clark ruined that plan anyway because she thought it was athena's pizza crust and so she spread sauce all over the cookies until mrs. cave told her that those weren't the crusts and that they should probably use the english muffins I had brought. 2 bags worth of organic english muffins!!! and my kid was practically eating a molasses cookie pizza. Poor kid said she wasn't upset at all though. I was disappointed, but not mad. I just wanted everything to go smoothly and I really wanted to be there, and then I couldn't because my mom backed out on me. ok, i'll stop. way too much for a "comment".
    Porter was cute at lunch bunch.