Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Whole Foods

I am a frequent Whole Foods shopper and some weeks if I have not planned well I go more than once a week. In all the years I have never had a rude bagger until today. I was pushing the "kid cart" with a coffee in my hand, Porter and Liesl were running around the store with their superhero capes on and smoothies in their hands so, I was a mess. I spilled my coffee on a display of chocolate when I was trying to put the lid on and I just wanted to get out of the store. I went to check out and I gave the bagger my bag but, all the food did not fit in it so I just told him to put it in the cart. I thought he would put the bag in the cart and then put the few things that did not fit in the car around it. Instead of doing what was the clearly logical thing he put the extra items in the cart and left the bag on the counter. I thought he was going to offer me help, like he offered the woman in front of me but he did not. How did he think I was going to carry a bag, push the cart and carry my coffee? I then had to take out the items from the car so I could put the bag in it while the bagger just looked at me and never once asked me if I needed help.


  1. What a jackass. I have had baggers do the strangest things, like take all the reasonable sized bags out of my bigger bag that I keep my bags in, then load all of my groceries into the BIG bag until they're spilling out, then try to stuff all the other bags into the smaller bag.

  2. Mmmm...I love Whole Foods. I love their seasame stick tofu from the counter. Yum!

    What a bagger dork! Sometimes it takes all my will power to not say "here, just let me do it." Glad you made it to tell the story!

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