Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Years Eve

The kids spent the night at their Grammy and Papa's house so we could have the night off. It was the first time we have ever left them overnight and they both did really well. Sara, David, Josh, Jessica, Tommy and her friend came over and we drank 4 bottles of champagne before we went to the Pink Elephant. We had such a fun night listening to the Bowie cover band and dancing afterwards. My feet were killing me by the time we left but it was all worth it. We went to Jack in the Box afterwards and the line was so long it took forever. I found Jason's pipe in the glove box so Josh and Jason shared a bowl of tobacco. There was so much smoke blowing out the windows we were laughing so hard, the people behind us probably thought it was another kind of smoke. We got home and I turned on the Karaoke machine but I was booed off the stage. The neighbors came over and they were drinking whisky with Jason until 4AM. I went to bed a little before that but I was so tired this morning that we just slept all day. I did not drink that much so I was not hungover this morning, just tired.
Check out some more photos on my profile over at Jason's new site whatcouldit.be.

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