Sunday, January 20, 2008


Jason and I went to see Juno tonight at the theatre in Hillcrest where we went on our first date. It was such a cute movie, I loved it.
Earlier today we went over to my parent's house to watch the game and eat. Some of our friends came over too so we had a really nice time.
I had a friend tell me recently that I like to talk trash and it kind of bummed me out. I used to talk too much trash when I was younger and I really try to not do it anymore but I guess I need to try harder. I told a different friend this week that I did not like a mutual acquaintance. I hate that I said that because it is not that I dislike her it is just that we don't have a lot in common. I have a lot to work on.
Time to watch ER.


  1. I LOVED Juno, but really, any night out is pretty great.

  2. I know what you mean, it makes me feel guilty to say something (negative) about someone else. It's something that I try to work on too. A lot of it is just human nature though.
    I must see this Juno movie everyone is talking about!
    Glad you all had fun!

  3. I went to see Juno Friday night with a friend I now I want to take everyone I know to see it. I loved it!