Thursday, January 31, 2008

old lady

This afternoon we were getting ready to go for a bike ride at a friend's house and Porter ran to the car while I locked the front door. I turned around from locking the door and this old lady was stopped in her car, on the other side of the road looking at Porter. I just stood there staring at her until she looked at me and started shaking her head. I wanted so badly to flip her off but because she was an old lady I didn't. Instead I said "fuck you" quietly to myself. I don't understand what she was shaking her head about? Porter ran down the sidewalk and was on our front lawn standing next to the car. Over a year ago a woman scolded me for letting Porter ride his little bike on the sidewalk. He was about three feet away from me and she said to me "he could go into the street". I just stared at her until she turned around but seriously if my child was the type to run in the street do you think I would let him be that far away from me? I wonder if the old lady that shook her head at me today would shake her head at a mom who is feeding her child a happy meal for lunch? We all get to raise our children the way we want to and that is one of the best things about being a parent.


  1. Screw her!! Next time just flip 'em off :)

  2. When we were in New York, an old lady approached me on the street and started scolding me for wearing Elise on my back, instead of on my front! I wanted to tell her to stick it, but it so wasn't worth it. I just did the 'smile and nod' thing...