Wednesday, January 23, 2008

baking soda

Two friends told me a few weeks ago that they use baking soda and lotion as an underarm deodorant. It kind of freaked me out at first but I started using it a week ago and I love it. It is so easy and inexpensive I can't imagine ever going back to a deodorant stick. I just wonder if I can pre mix it and put it in a jar?


  1. so i have a huge thing of baking soda and loads of lotion, so what ratio are we talking here? this sounds good to me.

  2. I just put a little lotion on my finger then touch the baking soda and rub it on my arm pit. I think you can rub it together first if you want.

  3. If you find out if premixing works will you tell us, please? And it's really all odor and sweat reducing? What a great idea!

  4. sara, it's JUST a pinch, otherwise you will get sore armpits.

    i've premixed successfully, but just for weekend trips. i haven't really left some in a jar all mixed up. i occasionally add baking soda to my face soap so i keep a little jar in the bathroom anyway.

    i'm glad it's working! i went around making people sniff my armpits for like, 3 months straight, out of sheer amazement.