Monday, January 07, 2008

fence or plants

The dog or dogs that have picked the nice grass right by my driveway are driving me crazy. Wait that is wrong, it is the dog owners that are driving me crazy. I had to park on the street today because there is so much dog diarrhea right by the door I had to be careful not to step in it when I put Porter in the car today. I want to put up a fence but that costs money we don't have so I am thinking of taking out the grass by the sidewalk and putting in a row of spiky plants. It sucks that we would even have to do that but seriously it is disgusting and not my responsibility to pick up after dogs.


  1. As an urban dog owner I apologize on behalf of all dog owners for their stupidity. I would urge you to get hardy, bigger plants since it won't deter the dogs from peeing there and if the plants don't have some chutzpah you'll be replacing them every week. You could also get some stuff to sprinkle on that area to deter dogs. Maybe try the 1 800 Pet Meds web site or Drs. Foster & Smith or some petco even. Good luck!

  2. What jerks, letting their dogs on your lawn to poop, I don't even let my dogs walk on people's lawns, much less poop there. Here are some products you can use:

    That should get you started. What a sucky thing to have to deal with, I'm so sorry.

  3. Thanks for the links, I am going to try it.

  4. UGH. we can ask Brad and Lee across the street what plants they have along the sidewalk, although I know you hate those too for kids.

    Did I tell you about the time we had a drunk driver crash into our wall, hitting a pedestrian? I'd rather have to deal with that than have to even type out the words "dog diarrhea." gag.