Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Yesterdays post was kind of lame, come on do you really want to see a picture of my light? I just did not have anything else to say and wanted to get back to my latest TV addiction 90210. I was working on a knitting project too, so I am not just vegging out and doing nothing. My TV addiction is getting really bad with all the new shows on, I just can't help myself. I don't watch TV during the day, so I tell myself it is okay. Tonight is the finale of ANTM and I am going to watch it right after this. Some things going on in my life that I am thinking about right now. My friend had a baby girl this week and I am anxious to hear all about it. My sister was due with her baby on Monday and anytime she calls I think it is the call to come up. I can't wait! Jason and I are celebrating our 5th anniversary on Saturday unless she is in labor. Porter's last soccer game and party are on Saturday. Kidical Mass is on Saturday, just too many things, so Shauna don't have your baby on Saturday, not going to work for us. Just kidding. Alright I am of to watch my shows.

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  1. Well, not to rain on your parade, but I kinda hope Shauna does have the baby Saturday because it's Elise's birthday!! ha ha!

    kidding, kidding!