Monday, November 03, 2008

a regular

When I used to manage a store for my parent's I had a lot of "regulars". You know customers who came in a few times a week, talked to me, brought me food, gave me gifts for my birthday or Christmas, told me their whole life story, kept me up to date with their wedding plans, brought their kids in to meet me when they finally were able to emigrate from the Philippines, you get the picture. It was a weird position to be in because they were my customer, I could not walk away from a conversation and had to pretend to be interested. I used to talk to these people and some of them I was genuinely interested in what they had to say, but not all of them. I am not a "regular" anywhere, but Jason is. Jason has a coffee shop he goes to every day, they will make his drink before he even orders it. I wish I was a "regular" somewhere. I guess I kind of am at Whole Foods because I recognize the cashiers, but I only talk to my old roommate if I get in her line. Anyway, maybe I will try and be more friendly and find a coffee shop to go to once or twice a week.


  1. It is fun to be a regular--there are a few people at Whole Foods who recognize us regularly--Nina got a birthday present of some chocolate soy milk from one of them yesterday. It's hard to strike up a conversation when you're trying to wrangle kids, though.

  2. We are regulars at La Salsa. The girls always want to go eat lunch "with the guy in the blue shirt," aka: the owner.