Thursday, December 13, 2007


Porter has a special blanket that he likes to hold when he is sucking his thumb. I don't think I have ever seen him suck his thumb without his blanket. I let him have it in the house, car and stroller. Well this morning we were running late for school and he forgot to bring his blanket. About two blocks from our house he asked for it and when I told him we did not have it he started crying and yelling "I want my blanket". He asked me to go back to the house to get it and cried more when I said no. We got to school and he was still crying and so I told him we could go home if he wanted to. He said no but that he still wanted his blanket and so we walked to the school and he was sad. Porter hid behind me when the teacher said hi so I went and played with him for a minute and them I said by and walked away. I was doing something by the classroom and Porter came running up to me crying and saying that he wanted my to play with him. I ended up staying there playing with him for 20 minutes until it was time for them to go inside the classroom. I know Porter is attached to his blanket but I did not realize how much. I wonder how long he is going to want to sleep with it and suck his thumb.

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