Thursday, December 06, 2007

blah blah blah

I just want to lock myself in a room and sew or knit for hours and not have to deal with kids. I am having this strong desire to create something or do something stimulating. I am in a funk with this child rearing business but I don't want to do anything to change it right now I just want to complain. I am looking forward to the new year and wish that we could just skip over the holiday and get on with it. I am looking forward to January and hope that I can use the new year as motivation to change. I want to be a better parent and I need to create something. A friend from Seattle is coming down in February for an art show he is having at a new gallery in Little Italy. I want to knit up a pole warmer to promote it. I an thinking I want to knit a bunch of wrist warmers with a letter on each one. I could put them all up on the pole or I could have friends wear them and randomly go put them on the pole throughout the night. Anyway, just some ideas who knows if I will actually do it or not.
We went to the zoo yesterday and had a really run time. I had not gone since the end of September when our passes expired and it was nice to go again after such a long break.
Today I started walking up to the farmers market but it was really windy and cold and I was afraid it would start raining so I walked back and got the car. There were not very many vendors but I have been craving cauliflower lately so I bought one and some squash. Porter wanted a cookie but all we found was a lemon bar that this German lady was selling. It was the best lemon bar I have ever had I am probably going to go back next week and get another. I also bought some rolls from her then went home and ate a roll with some wine and cheese. It was a lovely afternoon snack.


  1. So I'm assuming that you got some crappy comments and pulled the post about the park. Sorry about that. Here's to getting to the new year!

  2. maybe we could trade off crafting and babysitting each other's kids. Although then you'd have not only your two to contend with, but the grabbiest baby ever.

    I think I know how you feel, though.