Sunday, September 09, 2007


Friday night my parents came over to babysit so we went to The Guild for dinner. We had about 10 of our friends come out for dinner and drinks and we had a great time. The food was good and it was just a really nice time. After dinner we went to the Turf Club for a few drinks and then over to the pink Elephant before we went home. The kids had a fun time with my parents and they got to have some ice cream for a special treat. Saturday we hung around the house and Jason broke down a bunch of branches that I had cut from this hedge earlier in the week. We were going to go for a walk and the kids got in the stroller then both of them fell asleep for at least an hour. When they woke up we walked over to Sara's house for a BBQ. It was fun and after that we went to a birthday party for our friend. Liesl was a little clingy at first but Porter really had fun running around with Audio. I was tired and passed out putting Liesl to bed but woke up around 10 and stayed up for a few hours. I went to bed but it took me a long time to fall asleep so I was still tired when Liels woke me up in the morning. I just want one day a week where I don't have to get up with the kids and I was pissed that Jason was not getting up so I went up stairs to sleep. I have no idea what time it was but when I woke up and went down stairs it was 12:22. The house was empty so I took a shower, are some breakfast, read the paper and cleaned up a little bit. I was a great morning for me, well I guess it was more of an afternoon! The kids were a little grumpy when they came home from the Zoo but we got through it. I made some tortillas and they wanted to play with the dough so I made them some play dough. They were both quite for 15 minutes it was amazing.

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